Though wallpaper isn’t as common as it used to be, many homes and companies in the Cypress area are making the switch from classic paint to stylish wallpapers. The reasons are endless, and some of them might even surprise you. Did you know that wallpaper can hide those unwanted blemishes of wall plaster in a way that a coat of paint never could? Neither did most of our clients until they finally got their Painting Renovations wallpaper installed in their businesses and homes.

Painting Renovations are the most-trusted experts on wallpaper installation in the Cypress area. We place extra emphasis on customer service and we provide clients with a full suite of great wallpaper options. We know that if people want wallpaper, it is because they want something more precise than painting, less stressful than painting, and with more intricate options than painting. We don’t feel like that is too much to ask of a wallpaper company, but that is because we know our work is second-to-none.

Questions for Wallpaper Installation Professionals

Because we care about your customer satisfaction, Painting Renovations wants to make sure you know the right questions to ask about wallpaper installation in Cypress. Here are some questions to keep in mind:

  • • What kind of preparation work should I expect? If your walls are not prepared properly, it will result in an unsatisfactory finished product. If you currently have old wallpaper on your walls, ask the installers if they plan on removing the old wallpaper. A first-rate wallpaper professional would never try wallpapering over old paper.
  • • How much experience does your company have installing wallpaper? Wallpaper installation is a complex skill and your walls should only be entrusted to professionals.
  • • Is your company familiar with my choice of wallpaper? There are many kinds of wallpaper. Some wallpapers are much more delicate and more expensive than others. Make sure the installers have experience with your wallpaper of choice. You want to avoid the possibility of them making amateur mistakes that would damage the expensive material you purchased.

Wallpaper Installation Service Versus Painting

When it comes to deciding between wallpaper or paint, the right choice isn’t always clear. It can be hard to trust the industry experts on this matter too. A wallpapering installation service will tell you to go with wallpaper, and painters would tell you to go with paint. Who can you trust? Well, Painting Renovations offers both painting and wallpapering services so we’re not afraid to give you the truth.

In terms of longevity, wallpaper lasts longer. Wallpaper will hold up against much wear and tear, while paint can chip, peel, and scratch very easily. There are many different varieties of both paint and wallpaper, but only wallpaper comes in different designs.

But don’t forget that you can feature both in your home. Wallpaper or paint can be used to accent certain walls in a room. And did we mention ‘paintable wallpaper’? For more information on our wallpapering services, give us a call today!