Are you a business owner in Cypress? Have your premises’ walls seen better days? If so, then you need to contact Painting Renovations today and allow our highly skilled painting team to enhance the look and feel of your business. If you are a business owner or manager in Cypress, the you don’t need us to tell you how important first impressions are. The simple fact of the matter is that the margins between profit and loss and, ultimately, success and failure are so fine that you really can’t afford to take chances with a sloppy looking interior or exterior. And let’s face it, nothing screams unprofessional like chipped or damaged paint-work. Chances are, that if your business has made it through the treacherous first year when most commercial enterprises fail, then you know a thing or two about business acumen and what it takes to deliver a winning formula for your customers. Don’t undo all this good work with sub-standard paint on your walls.

A professional Service

With years of experience painting commercial and industrial properties of all sizes in the Cypress area, Painting Renovations has developed a winning reputation for delivering real and lasting results for all our clients. Our painters possess all the skill and stamina to take care of large-scale commercial jobs in an efficient and effective fashion. By doing so, we can ensure the highest standards are not only met but also exceeded. As a locally operated business ourselves, we are acutely aware that time is money. That is why, you can rest assured that with us on the job, our paint work will have as little detrimental impact as possible on your working day. At Painting Renovations, we take what we do very seriously and that is why we will always finish any work we undertake under budget and on time.

Interior Commercial Painting

From planning and preparation to detail-oriented painting that’s applied to last, when you rely on Painting Renovations for our quality commercial painting services, you’ll get creativity as well as practicality and experience. Did you know that colors can affect the way you work? It’s true!

While many of our clients come to us with specific ideas of how they want to paint, just as many have no idea where to start other than “get rid of that dull grey” or “I can’t stand that loud orange”.

Everyone has their preference of colors, but without a doubt, there are effects that specific colors have on us all. For example, tech startups and graphic design businesses will want to fill their space with blue walls as blue has been proven to encourage creative thinking.

Small spaces will benefit from white. Clean and simple, this basic shade will enlarge the room and help your customers and employees to feel less enclosed. And if you want to cut down on stress in general, green is a great direction to take.

Interior painters may work on a smaller scale than exterior, but that doesn’t mean the process doesn’t require the same exceptional eye for detail. The interior painters at Painting Renovations address every Cypress commercial interior assignment with the same dedication and commitment to detail as we do with much larger projects.

Your Painting Renovations commercial painting contractors will help you by providing advice, painting expertise, and so much more!

Exterior Commercial Painting

If the exterior paint on your business is fading, growing mold, cracking, or blistering, it’s time to repaint. Many Cypress business owners try to hold off on this as long as possible, so they can spend their hard-earned money elsewhere. However, when it comes down with it, you should be just as invested in how the exterior of your business looks as you are with everything else you do with your company.

When you hire Painting Renovations to take care of your exterior painting, you will not be disappointed in our commercial painting contractors. Not only do we plan to meet your expectations, but we plan to exceed them as well.

We understand that painting services can require careful budgeting—especially commercial painting services. And because of this, we aim to make our prices competitive and our dedication to the craft genuine. Every member of our hard-working team is truly invested in our clients and the work that we do, guaranteeing you the best results on even the smallest jobs.

Long-Lasting Paint Work

Despite the beautiful weather we get in Cypress, the reality is that from time to time mother nature will spit out a storm that simply wasn’t forecast and this will invariably end up wreaking havoc on your premises’ paint-work. Thankfully for you, our skilled-team of painters will be able to restore the exterior of your Cypress business quickly and effectively. We know how to strip old paint and prepare your wall surface for the new coat in an effective and stress-free environment. Don’t take chances with inferior painting teams when Cypress’ s premier painting providers are right here for you to use.

Contact the Painting Experts Today

If we at Painting Renovations had a dollar for every business owner who contacted us after mistakenly opting for an amateur job the first time around, then we could probably afford to retire by now. The simple fact of the matter is that while DIY painting may seem like a good way of saving some money at the time, the reality is that, unless you are naturally gifted, it will end up causing you a major headache in the long-run. Don’t take this chance, instead call us today.